Romance Reading 101: Carriages or Sports cars?

Ever since I was a tiny girl, whatever I was watching, whatever I was reading, whatever I was doing, I was looking for the love story. I realized early that there is almost always a love story. And I was drawn to the love story. As I got older I learned to hide the fact that I was so deeply in love with love. I can’t explain it really but there seemed to be a certain level of vulnerability in admitting that I lived for a dramatic, life-or-death, rub-your-chest-because-your-heart-hurts love story. But no more. No more. I am so out of the romance closet.  One thing that infertility taught me was that life is short and I only have one. I need to be the person God made me to be. And the person God made me to be loves LOVE.

So. To the newbie romance reader, for starters, I would ask you what kind of love story do you want to read?

People can fall in love anywhere. In any time. In any place. In any situation. So there is romance fiction for just about any scenario you could imagine. I am sure I am not telling you anything you couldn’t use your own common sense to figure out. But. You want love out in deep space? There’s a book for you. Muscles and motorcycles? Vampires? Shapeshifters? Secret agents diffusing bombs with seconds to spare? Run-of-the-mill boy meets girl (or boy meets boy or girl meets girl)…that book is out there.

I have read a variety of romance novels. Loved a variety of genres. Contemporary. Suspense, Paranormal romance too from time to time. I don’t really discriminate.

But my heart, now and forevermore, BELONGS to Historicals. British Regency/Victorian. Like, we’re going steady and it’s serious. Super serious. Since somewhere around 1998.  And I will tell you why here in a sec.

Jumping into romance reading, a girl (or boy) needs to determine her romance personality. Do you like action and intrigue? Or do you like sweet and gentle? Do you want a touch of escapism? Magic? Fantasy? What makes your heart clench up in your chest? Do you want a love story that could be happening right in the here-and-now? Or do you want something from another time and place?

While I will read just about any love story, for me, Historicals are where it’s at.

I LOVE Historicals because I enjoy falling backwards in time. I love them because social structures were vastly different and allow for plot lines that would likely not happen in the present. In 2018 a man isn’t going to realize he loves a woman because he’s worried about her “catching her death” because she got caught in the rain. Men know now that women can get wet without withering away and dying of consumption. But men didn’t know that then. Life is just a little more high-stakes in the 1800s. A glittering world of wealth and drama and GORGEOUS speech patterns. Exquisitely intricate and beautiful ballgowns. The sexual tension of dancing with a man’s hand clasped at a woman’s waist. A place where getting caught kissing means you have to get married. Again, high-stakes.


But what do you love? This is the first question a newbie romance reader needs to answer. Of course, you aren’t limited to merely one romance genre. But I do suspect you will end up falling in love with one specifically.

One thing I am sure of though? There’s a love story for you.




A disorganized, overly dramatic SAHM of two girls finding her center after secondary infertility. Caffeine queen. Romance fiend. Welcome to my nerd show.

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