Girl, Wash Your Face. I Washed Mine.

It shouldn’t surprise me anymore when I’m just going about my day and a book comes along to blow up my life. It’s happened often enough. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

Dang, people. Just… dang.

If you have been following along here you might remember when I talked about the kairos moment that changed the course of my infertility experience. Reading this book at this moment was definitely some more mystical kairos magic at work for me. Before I go any further I must tell you that all credit goes to my sister-in-law. She would not stop telling me about this book. She wouldn’t rest until I read it. She kept saying ‘I felt like this was you. You could have written this book!‘. I found the eBook at the library, read the first chapter, and immediately bought it. So thank you, Jen!

Despite my sister-in-law’s unwavering support and clear bias in my favor, I am in no way as fabulous as Ms. Rachel Hollis. I mean, when I was 18 I was in an emotionally fetal position trying to not to let anyone know I was a disaster and she was moving herself to L.A. by herself with the express intention of marrying Matt Damon. Sooo….

But I think I know what my sister-in-law was trying to say. She meant that she saw similarities in our writing style. And I won’t lie. I saw them too.

Now…Rachel Hollis has accomplished so much that it’s intimidating. In so many ways, our lives couldn’t be more dissimilar. But. I do see myself in her. I would chalk that up to wishful thinking if my sister-in-law hadn’t told me that she saw it too before I had even read the first chapter.

And I started wondering…could I write a book like this?

I want to write a book like this.

Man, that’s such a scary thing to put out there. It’s TERRIFYING to admit that I want something. Because if I fail, people will know that I wanted it and that it hurt me. I have spent my entire life trying to avoid this exact scenario. But, frankly, this is why I have missed out on so much for so long.

This book has made me want something…I am still working out the details. The image is still fuzzy. But I want something. It’s like the universe is screaming in my ear right now. Somehow I need to figure out a way tap into the gorgeous self-confidence and determination that so obviously makes Rachel tick. (btw, I’m just going to pretend she’s my friend and call her Rachel. It’s fine.)

This book  LIT. ME. UP.  And the fire inside is demanding that I step up and start playing the game. Somehow, some way, I want to do what she does. What any truly authentic, kick-ass person does. I want to inspire people to be who they were created to be.

I want to be like the woman who wrote this book. I want to admit when I want something and make a plan to go get it. If something in my life just freaking sucks then I want to change it.

I want to make things happen. I want to make so many specific things happen.

And I’m going to do it. I am so going to do it. My life needs a makeover and this is was just the kick in the yoga pants I needed.

To be continued…



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