Creating an Intentional Living Space

Here is some ugly truth for you.

There are times, and the times are often, when I find myself legitimately crying over the state of our house.

And I mean CRYING. Weeping. Face in my hands, slumped on the floor, practically swallowed up alive by laundry or toys or other random stupid homeless crap. UGLY CRYING. Because I can’t keep up and I can’t even breathe. Because it feels like I’m failing.

Anyone else? No? Just me?

At least it feels like it’s just me. According to social media, it’s definitely just me…No one else’s daily uploads reveal the stack of dirty dishes in the sink that have been there for days.

Or piles and piles and piles of laundry scattered everywhere.

Or the TOYS. Holy mother of cheese crackers, the TOYS!

Of course…I’m not uploading those pictures either. Could it be that maybe we’re all just shoving junk out of the camera view and strategically posing our kids for photos so no one will ever suspect that our house is a dumpster fire? Could it be?

I’m pretty sure it could be.

But, then again, maybe this isn’t you at all. I am sure many of you mamas out there have everything totally under control. Or at least mostly under control. Maybe you are master organizer and we all could eat happily off your gleaming hardwood floors…

You should know that I fear you, woman. Because you are everything I should be. You remind me of how badly I suck and how I shouldn’t be a pathetic hamster woman running inside an endlessly spinning wheel.

When I sat down to begin my Best Life Project one of the very first things I knew had to be addressed was the state of our house. Because I was suffocating. And I realized two important truths.

  1. My identity and my value are not contingent upon how clean and organized I keep our house. This is really important to remember.
  2. But. The state of our house affects me (and our whole family) mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

And so it came to pass that I identified one of the first specific goals of my Best Life Project. Creating an Intentional Living Space.

For me this means creating a living space that inspires peace and reflects the lifestyle we value. It means creating a space that makes us happy to be home. I want our home to be both pretty and functional. I want a home that is reflective of us but also works for us. Calm, quiet, happy energy. Beauty and purpose. Design and balance.

What I just described is not even close to the situation we have going on in our house. Remember? I am crying in the corner over here buried under our unsorted mail…Yes, we have a six-year-old who leaves a disaster behind her everywhere she goes. Yes, we have a four-month-old who won’t nap unless I hold her right now. It’s hard to stay on top of house work. But the problems in our house are much bigger than that. This is about deeply rooted disorganization and a fundamental lack of structure. Trying to “clean up” around here at this point is like trying to put out a wild fire with a squirt gun.

We have to start with the absolute basics. Slash and burn and then replant the entire forest.

A total reset.

So I made a plan. I did research. And I landed on the KonMari decluttering method. This is only the first step of many for us…but every journey begins with the first step. It has already been life changing and we’re only in the middle of the process. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on this experience and the ideas I think are the most helpful to other messy girls like me.

Does your house make you cry too? It shouldn’t. It doesn’t have to. Let’s create intentional living spaces for our families. Let’s create a home we love and one that brings us happiness and peace.

It’s worth it and we can do it.





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