Book Review: Party Girl by Rachel Hollis

Party Girl by Rachel Hollis

Lake Union Publishing, 2014


Ever since I finished Girl, Wash Your Face last month (which rocked my ass off, btw) I have been dying to make time to read Party GirlAnd I wasn’t disappointed.

Landon Brinkey is a small-town Texas girl working like a maniac to make a name for herself as an event planner to the Los Angeles elite. She’s managed to land a prestigious internship at one of the premier event planning companies in the city but she quickly learns that the job is not nearly as glamorous as she’d dreamed despite the fact the it puts her in the room with some of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities.

Landon’s boss is just monstrous. Spoiled, vindictive and cruel. And I’m an INFP, people. I’m a freaking Hufflepuff. Any scenario wherein a decent, open-hearted person is being treated like garbage by some elitist a-wipe is borderline excruciating for me. I loathe bullies. I was squirming over the injustice more than once. Plus, knowing that this book is based on the author’s real-life experiences, I couldn’t hep but picture Landon as the Rachel Hollis I know and love from my Instagram feed. Stop being mean to Rachel! Still, Landon works tirelessly to prove herself and she’s very good at her job despite never getting the appreciation she deserves.

I am not sure I would classify this book as a “traditional” contemporary romance novel and not just because there were no sexual scenes but more so because so much of the plot was devoted to Landon’s personal development and career. This is not a criticism. I enjoyed it. I just think that for it to be a pure romance novel more of the plot would center around a romantic relationship. But there is one there, ladies. A romantic relationship, that is. And a pretty good one.

Some readers, particularly hardcore romance readers, might find Party Girl a bit too sweet and “clean”. In fact, if you read Girl, Wash Your Face, Ms. Hollis talks about this very thing. She writes about how some publishers told her that no one would ever believe that a young girl new to Los Angeles wouldn’t be out having wild and crazy sex. But this book is based on her actual life. Surprise, surprise, some people aren’t necessarily into casual sex. Go figure. Besides, with plenty of choice curse words flying around and a few F-bombs here and there, the story felt balanced and authentic to me.

If you’re looking for steamy, sexually charged passion then Party Girl won’t give you that. But if you’re in the mood for a story about fighting for what you want, standing in your truth and kissing cute boys on California beaches then I definitely recommend Party Girl. It’s a perfect lounge-by-the-pool-with-a-cute-drink read for the summer. And all three books from The Girls series are available on Kindle Unlimited.

This was my first book review ever. If it was a big fail please stick with me! I’ll get better as I go.


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