About Caiti

Hello! I’m Caiti. My husband and I live in Southwest Ohio with our two girls and a dog named Rapunzel.

I am a dreamy, scatterbrained INFP who needs to read and loves to write. I’m a proud nerd and a Hufflepuff with a degree in English Lit and graduate certification in Language Arts Education. Please do give me all the books.

In the five minutes of free time that I manage to squeeze out of the average day you can find me devouring historical romance novels and sucking down cold coffee by the gallon. Or, umm, cleaning. Yes, cleaning.

I’m messy and disorganized despite all my best efforts. I buy non-organic food, I use profanity sometimes and my socks rarely match. Bleeding heart. Christ follower. Overly dramatic. Recovering people pleaser.

I’m awkward but let’s be friends!

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