It’s Not a Competition

Today wasn’t the best day. You would think that “infertility” ends after you have that miracle baby. But it doesn’t. It didn’t. Today is a day when anxiety is kicking my ass again. It’s trying to make me doubt that what I went through even counts. That I shouldn’t be talking about it because it […]

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A Break in the Clouds: Our Infertility Story (4)

In late September of 2016 we tried our first and only IUI procedure. Our favorite doctor recommended it to us as the next logical step after not having success with Clomid. The whole thing was completely surreal. The medication. The scans. Standing in my kitchen and letting Bill administer a shot. The procedure itself. The […]

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Dark Skies: Our Infertility Story (3)

For me, infertility had three distinct phases. Each one had its own painful theme. Phase One: We deserve to get pregnant because of how much this sucks, please, God, please. Technically the first year we were trying we were not yet considered “infertile”. But Gemma was almost three. Three!!! I’d spent ALL of 2014 obsessing […]

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Almost eight weeks ago I gave birth to a baby I thought I would never have. Now that we’ve settled into our new normal I’ve finally had some time to reflect on the emotional blur of this last year. A positive pregnancy test that Bill practically had to force me to take. The precious moment […]

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