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There’s something you should know.

Not very long ago I was a broken, bleeding mess. I felt abandoned, forsaken, and at the mercy of the cruel winds of fate. I know. That’s dramatic. But it’s true. Picture that helplessly drifting feather in the opening scene of Forrest Gump.

So if I can do this, so can you. So can anyone.

I’d love it if you came on this journey with me. I’d love it more if it inspires your own.

The Rules:

There are only two. Because I don’t like rules.

  1. Identify things I like or want in my life. Make plans and set goals. Go get what I want.
  2. Identify things I DON’T like or want in my life. Make plans and set goals. Change that shiz.

My Focus Areas:

These are subject to revision, updates, and evolution. Just like life.  Also, these are me specific! Yours might look a lot different from mine. But I still hope this might inspire you to get up and get moving. Because, trust me, I am a messy mess. If I can do this anyone can!

  • My dreams, goals, and ambitions
  • Mindfulness and self-love
  • A home environment that is peaceful, beautiful, and intentional
  • Wholehearted relationships with my husband, children, family, and friends
  • A lifestyle that supports health and physical fitness
  • Time to read, write, and CREATE
  • Processing and making peace with trauma
  • Giving back
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